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About Us

about usWho we are

As erstwhile South Africans Peter and Maria have lived, worked and travelled across the Southern Hemisphere for the last thirty years. With a deep love of the outdoors, and a passion for nature, they have enjoyed and benefited from a host of experiences in Southern Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

They first ventured into the world of bus tours following an extended holiday in Australia in 2010, and built up considerable experience in charter operations and hosting guests.

They now specialize in offering bespoke tours by bus, small specialised vehicle and motorcycle sidecar, sharing their love of our wonderful environment through their interaction with people from all over the world. This passion for sharing the wonders of the local area with visitors led to their latest venture into small group and individual experiences through their company, Experience Esperance Tours and 4 U We Do Sidecar tours. In these you are treated as an individual whilst sitting either in the comfort of a small luxury vehicle or in a sidecar, engaging with the environment and locals alike. They hope that this passion for people and place will inspire you to join with them for a tour.

Our Vision

Through our individual attention to our guests we aim to give visitors a unique and personal experience of Esperance, which rekindles the youthful thrill of adventure and leaves memories to cherish.

What do we do

We specialise in private ‘bespoke’ tours – in bus, specialised vehicle or motorcycle sidecar – to suit your tastes, needs and any specific requirements you might have, from time and location through to affordability. Let us do the driving and show you our backyard, allowing you to sample the delights of local gourmet food and drink. Or interact with local wildlife, sit on a pristine beach or take a dip in the ocean with friends or loved ones.

The concept

We have a range of tours that can act as a starting point for us to share our local knowledge, and meet your needs and wishes. We can arrange travel in a small group or as an individual, allowing you to spend time on any of our world-renowned beaches with a glass of one of Australia’s finest wines and local fare. Your guide is a host, acting as a friend, showing you our hidden treasures, not always seen on mainstream tours.

Experience Esperance Tours – Creating Memories and Building Friendships

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